Gene Caberra began playing guitar and at the age of five. He is a self-educated musician although he grew up in a musical family and learned basic techniques from his father who was his musical idol for several years. After listening to old tapes his father gave to him he fell in love with rock and blues music which inspired him to pick up the guitar. He started playing by listening to the tapes and copying blues and rock guitar solos from his idols. According to Caberra the first song he learned was “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King which lead him to sing and write songs from early on.


At the age of 12 he started his first band project "Euphoria`s Cage" releasing three EPs. In those days he started playing at bars and other venues, while still in high school. After their split his career started as a teen idol recording, writing and producing 2 Studio albums. Despite his success, Caberra felt that the project prevented him from truly expressing himself as a musician. Shortly after he made a different step concentrating on his career as a session guitarist. Amongst others he worked for The Voice of Germany and Unser Star für Baku. 


2013 he started the progressive rock project Universal Mind releasing 2 EPs "Through Walls" and "Timeless Dimension". The band was awarded by the Metal Hammer magazine as "heroes of tomorrow" calling the band a timeless modern prog-metal highlight. At that time he discovered his love for Gypsy Jazz music too. That is why he started playing in local clubs with various jazz musicians refining his skills and Django Reinhardt became one of his biggest influences as well. In the beginning of 2015 Gene received a full-time scholarship for the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, but disenrolled to concentrate on making records and playing live.


Reflecting his musical past Gene began moving towards the blues rock genre that had originally influenced him as a musician. In 2017 Gene has joined forces with René Flächsenhaar and Mathias Uredat to form the Gene Caberra Band and to record his debut EP "Attic Tape" which will come out in 2018. He recorded the instruments on his own at the attic of his grandmothers house. The record was produced by Gene Caberra, Mathias Uredat and René Flächsenhaar.